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DELIVERS: Construction Integrity

Construction Integrity TrackerBuild measures a project's construction progress, incremental quantities installed, manpower status, earned value, and productivity based on defined Partial Credit Guidelines agreed upon between all project stakeholders.

Utilizing Tracker Build, contractors can plot the weekly progress for comparison against the planned construction progress, pre-identify potential construction delays, verify percent complete for invoicing, and integrate into commissioning workflows to ensure seamless handovers.

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DELIVERS: Technical Integrity

TrackerCheck is a completions management system designed to excel in this new world of digitalization. Covering both brown and greenfield applications, TrackerCheck’s soft ware-agnostic design philosophy ensures our CMS will allow the flexibility you need for end-to-end connectivity.

From mobile applications to software integration, TrackerCheck is the most advanced CMS you’ll find on the market.

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DELIVERS: Operational Integrity

TrackerPrep is a dedicated, patent-pending management system designed to identify, assign, manage, report and complete all activities required to prepare the facility and operator for ultimate ownership at the point of handover.

In short, TrackerPrep provides everything you need to deliver a compliant project including highly detailed inputs from HSE, regulatory, design, construction, commissioning, operations, and best practices.

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DELIVERS: O&M Integrity

TrackerRun is cost effective, mezzanine maintenance software focused on rapid implementation, designed to fill the gap between fast paced commissioning and steady state operations.

With capabilities to handle all aspects of maintenance without the complexity of large scale EAMS, TrackerRun is a simple-to-use maintenance management system designed to be utilized by existing, on-site personnel as an early stage supplements to the big box asset management softwares.

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