About Us

Rev1 Energy has been helping projects run smoother since 2001.

From its inception in 2001, Rev1 has always been safely and successfully driving progress of energy projects with professional, quality commissioning services. 

Underpinned by a foundation of proprietary technology, Rev1 Energy has set itself apart in the industry as a forward focused, full service commissioning services organization offering a multitude of services from project planning, development, consultancy, and full project execution. Through our proprietary technologies, Rev1 Energy is able to provide a unique value addition to projects seeking commissioning support around the world.

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Rev1 Timeline from 1998 to 2021

Helping Projects Run Smoother Around the World.

Martyn Canham

Chief Delivery Officer

Vic Merritt

Chief Operating Officer

Troy Lambert

Technical Director

Nestor Vasquez

Operations Director, Projects

Layla Bonis

Director, Human Resources

Maggie Ehrgott


Danney Reyes

Senior Accountant

Matthew Arrowood

Marketing Manager

Phu Do

Director, Rev1 Asia

Naveen Adusumilli

Director Middle East

Peter Vamplew

Operations Director, Middle East & Southeast Asia

Dick Emery

Senior Technical Recruiter

Renesse Landry

Senior Technical Recruiter

Jesse Vasquez

Technical Recruiter

Safety is Universal Rev1 Energy takes a proactive stance on safety in every area of our business.

From pre-mobilization safety training to onsite continuing safety education to office preparedness training, we require our personnel to adhere to rigorous safety standards regardless of their location around the world. We engage our personnel in the field by offering corporate wide, employee led safety moments on a weekly basis. It drives engagement, but more importantly, it helps to prevent injury or could even save a life. Coupled with daily toolbox talks, we can deliver a message and reinforce the idea that safety is a 24 hour job.

We are a target zero organization and strive to reach that goal on every project in which we support. We maintain a strict zero tolerance policy for safety violations.